Tuesday, March 29, 2016


After lots of contemplation I purchased "The Food Killer", Soylent. It arrived in the mail today and I almost immediately made a batch (the suggested 1 scoop Soylent, 2 scoop water).

First off, that is in my opinion a very minimal amount of water. It creates a very thick solution. (Mixing in a glass with a fork takes a looong time. Use a blender or something you can shake.) I'd say the standard recipe tastes like oatmeal.. At least that was what first came to mind.

I added another scoop of water and 3/4 scoop of Nesquik chocolate mix which definitely helped but some more tinkering with how much of this and how much of that will be needed. I can't say I enjoy the taste. However, it is not BAD by any means. Just... Mucky. Even if it were impossible to make the taste more exciting, I feel Soylent is worth it if it is to actually "kill food".


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